IAB Canada Alumni

This page highlights the dedicated individuals who have completed five or more IAB Canada courses, earning them a Master Certificate. IAB Canada appreciates their time and efforts towards their continued education and encourages employers to seek out IAB certified individuals when they are filling positions.

Master Certificates (5+ courses completed)

Charlene Assels – LinkedIn
David Barrett
Michael Bickerton – LinkedIn
David Burgess – LinkedIn
Josephine Chung – LinkedIn
Sarah K. Clarke – LinkedIn, Twitter
Christina Clements – LinkedIn, Twitter
Chris de Corneille – LinkedIn
Liana Davis –LinkedIn
Dionne Elgie – LinkedIn
Maureen Garbutt – LinkedIn
Janet Landreth – LinkedIn
Betty Li
Arshad Malik – LinkedIn
Susan Matthews – LinkedIn
Amanda Moore – Website, Blog
Lance Moreton – LinkedIn
JoAnne Murchison – LinkedIn
Samuel Parent – LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, French Blog
Lysianne Planche, LinkedIn
Tina Preussner – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+
Toni Ritchie – LinkedIn
Caterina Salvatori – Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook
Nichelle Schulz – LinkedIn
Cathy St. Jean – Website, Twitter, Facebook
Labrina Stanoulis – LinkedIn
Robert Wise – Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
Song Soon Yang – LinkedIn

If you have taken our courses in the past and want to know how many more courses you need to attend to get your Master Certificate please contact us and we will investigate.