Custom Training

IAB Canada not only offers public courses to the Canadian marketing and advertising industry, but we also offer custom in-house training based on any (or all) of our courses. We are also available to draft new content/courses just for your organisation.

IAB Canada’s custom courses are adapted to your point of view in the industry, be you an advertiser, ad agency or publisher. We will tailor-make a curriculum with you that will meet your specific needs, at your industry scale (national, regional or local, large and small), language (English and/or French), and to your required level of expertise (from beginner to expert).

Custom in-house courses are designed for groups of 15 to 45 people, but larger numbers can be accommodated as well – the ideal size is 20-25 people. Custom training moves at a slightly slower pace than public training as questions flow more easily, as your competition, suppliers and clients are not in the same room.

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Examples of Previously Performed Custom Training

Digital Advertising & Marketing Primer

  • Digital overview and in context + current trends in the industry. For the entire agency.
  • The digital campaign process compared to traditional campaign process, Terms & Conditions and Digital Advertising Guidelines. For client services and creative department specifically.
  • The digital campaign process in detail with a closer look at online ad targeting. For the media team specifically.
  • Is performed over a 6 hour period, or one day.

Integrated Digital Marketing for agencies, advertisers or publishers

  • Agencies: Course content is adjusted to your point of view, looking at the entire digital campaign process, going through an overview of everything digital, all with insider tips on how media sales operate and think.
    • Can be adjusted for media, client services or creative/production departments.
    • Ideal for traditional media trained personnel who now need to take on digital.
    • Recommended as two 6 hour sessions
    • If taken after the Digital Advertising & Marketing Primer (above), only one 6 hour session is required.
  • Advertisers: Course content is adjusted to your point of view over-viewing everything digital to the degree of detail you require. We explore what your agencies does for you and explain what’s what.
    • Recommended as an 8-hour session over 1 day.
  • Publishers: Course content is adjusted to your point of view, going through an overview of everything digital – i.e. everyone you are competing with and looking at the digital campaign process as it is managed by your client the ad agency.

Canadian preparatory course towards Digital Media Sales Certification for digital media sales teams, publishers

  • This short two-hour course is meant to prepare Canadians digital media salespersons who intend to undergo the IAB’s (US) Digital Media Sales Certification exam. It focuses on those areas where the Canadian and American markets differ.
  • This course compares the Canadian and American digital media sales processes and focuses on where there are differences to give you the best possible chance in performing the digital media sales certification exam. You will how the media research landscape differs in the US, American terms and conditions, advertising law, privacy and online behavioural self-regulation as well as advertising guidelines.

Digital Media Sales for publisher-side sales teams, both legacy and digital.

  • This two-day course is fully outlined here and is periodically offered in public can be customized to suite the needs of your media sales organisation.
  • This course covers the entire curriculum that went into the production of the Digital Media Sales Certification exam so it prepares you fully for it.

Social/Mobile Marketing Training

  • Already comfortable with digital but not really there yet with social media and/or mobile marketing specifically? This course combines the essentials of two full day course, delivering to you (agency, advertiser or publisher) a rapid overview of the available types of platforms and tactics and exploring how to set up your own strategy for both of these disciplines.

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Roles & Responsibilities for Custom Courses

Requesting company:

  • Set aside time to detail your group’s needs, customization, etc. to IAB Canada
  • Room/facility for the training session that includes audio/visual support, live internet connection
  • Supply your group with refreshments (continental breakfast, coffee/tea, mid-morning break/lunch/afternoon break depending on length of the course) – contact us if you need us to book the catering
  • Ensure attendees know they are to be present throughout the entire time slated for the course to keep everyone motivated, on the same page going forward, and so that all will receive certificates (if applicable)
  • Supply IAB Canada with the full name and email address of all attendees for attendance purposes, and in order to send them their certificate (if applicable).
  • Pay for printing of course booklets for trainees.

IAB Canada will, in turn:

  • Take the appropriate time to learn your particular needs, adapt course materials in response and supply the best available trainer in either English or French.
  • Source the best rates for, print, and deliver course booklets to trainees.

To review each course outline, visit our courses section.

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