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08 Aug

Unpacking the “E” in LEAN Ads

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Light Encrypted Ad Choice Supported Non-Intrusive While global stakeholders are working hard to finalize the details behind LEAN, the industry has already embraced the tenants of the four principles designed to improve the global state of online advertising. Let’s have a closer look at “E”. Securing the integrity and privacy of information that is exchanged

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24 Mar

New Transparency Calculator for Programmatic Buying Released by IAB

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On the heels of the IAB Canada Programmatic Live event in Toronto that attracted hundreds of programmatic buyers and sellers yesterday, this morning IAB released a tool to help calculate transparency of programmatic buying to the industry. The tool is designed as a directional resource allowing buyers to understand the costs of the various layers

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11 Mar

EDAA Summit – European Insights on the Self-Regulatory AdChoices Program

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EDAA kicked off its inaugural summit last week in Brussels. The event brought together over 150 industry stakeholders including program participants, global association representatives and industry regulators. The full-day agenda covered a wide range of topics from policy to implementation of the ad choices program at a global level. Canada’s situation from a global perspective as

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07 Mar

Progress on Ad Blocking Through IAB Global Initiatives

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The global online advertising community is committed to improving the overall consumer experience online and is making serious progress in its efforts. In late 2015, IAB Canada announced the development of LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad Choice Supported and Non-Intrusive) ads guidelines meant to address the consumer disaffection with online advertising and the overall concerns over poor

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02 Dec

Independent Research Estimates Cost of Ad Fraud, Infringed Content & Malvertising in the U.S.

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A new study conducted by IAB and EY shows that fraudulent impressions, infringed content, and malvertising costs the U.S. digital marketing, advertising, and media industry $8.2 billion annually. While the study is US based, IAB Canada hopes this will motivate the Canadian marketplace to rally around smart solutions that will protect businesses and consumers. It

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