Advertising Built for Kids

This week’s IAB Canada Community Uninterrupted session featured a comprehensive look at the state of marketing to kids online with Kate O’Loughlin, COO from SuperAwesome.

O’Loughlin outlined how the internet was not initially built for kids in that it is not difficult for brands to encounter challenges stemming from a lack of solid guidelines. Advertising online to children poses risks ranging anywhere from generally struggling to understand how to be appropriate to mishandling of kids’ data.

Kids engage heartily in the “metaverse” of online experiences. It represents the new playground where conversations happen, ideas are exchanged, and fun is shared. Children’s identities today, are largely influenced by their online experiences. Given their increased use of online media, it is imperative that brands develop experiences and environments that incorporate both privacy and responsibility by design.

O’Loughlin went on to share that advertisers need comprehensive strategies that include three core parts:

  • Data Privacy Enablement – using and collecting data correctly – understanding and complying with global laws
  • Responsible – goodness in actions
  • Appropriate – content and brand safe

The presentation included several best practices and a lot of discussion around COPPA, GDPRK and CCPA. Familiarity with all regulations is critical to advertisers looking to work in children’s marketing. We would encourage IAB Canada members to listen to this important presentation to get a solid understanding of the implications of M2K.