An Update on the Currency of Talent

Securing and retaining the right talent is tough, at all levels.

Over the years, the knowledge and skills required for even entry level positions in the field of online advertising has elevated beyond the basics (recall the first media job interviews for many veterans where a “skills test” included writing the provinces on a map and doing some basic math). Another major challenge facing the industry is the rapid movement of talent. When an employee moves from one organization to another, they are often met with a completely different set of standards, taxonomy and process but what happens when people move too quickly? What happens when their new title outpaces their experience? It has become increasingly important to get a proper skills assessment to ensure the person you are hiring has the skills needed for the role.

This year IAB Canada, along with our members, will be working on this very problem. Benchmarking skills to align with appropriate expectations from various roles in our industry will help drive fairness, transparency and a new level standard that will bring greater confidence to all stakeholders in the digital advertising space.

Be sure to join us at our Currency of Talent evening event, coming this April, to hear about this project, current trends, employee hiring and retention strategies and much more.

New Skills for the New Decade

To keep our members ahead of the ever-changing world of digital advertising we have revamped our education offering for 2020 to be more advanced, accessible and current. What can you expect?

  • New ½ day workshops on topics like digital audio, digital out of home (DOOH), social amplification and mobile advertising: leveraging location.
  • More seminars! The 2020 seminar lineup will include: Marketing to Gamers, Advanced Programmatic, Advanced TV, AI, Advanced Search, and more. All seminars are led by industry experts and are free for IAB Canada members to attend. Get involved! Contact us to find out more.