Audio Advertising – Podcasting like you mean It!

Everyone has streamed one. Shared a story they heard on one. Or listened to a friend carry on as to ‘why’ their go-to is the best.

With more and more ad dollars making their way into the world of audio, podcasts have become an interesting way to reach an engaged, opt-in audience – already leaning in to niche content. Another added bonus is that the platform reaches elusive younger audiences like university grads who now have an increasingly higher household income (Index: 157 and 127 respectively)*.

When delving into Podcast Advertising, the Chairs of the IAB Canada Audio Committee suggest that advertisers improve brand alignment and seamless integration with respective podcasts.

Stuart Coxe, Executive Producer at Antica Productions, Partner to eOne and guest speaker of IAB Canada Audio Committee recently reiterated the powerful vehicle that podcasts can create for brands. “Not only do podcasts allow a brand to show thought leadership in a high touch environment where niche audiences are already leaning-in to the conversation, podcasts are in and of themselves disruptors.”

“The power of this medium is when you have successfully aligned an audio message (an ad insertion) to the power, trust and influence of a podcasters voices.” Following are three points of advice Stuart shared to accomplish this:

  1. Content Integration – Make sure that the content itself is written by someone who understands podcasts / the audio medium itself! If you do not get this right, it creates a disconnect for your listener.
  2. Authenticity – when there is a true partnership between the host and a product, it comes through. Not only in voices, but with the integration itself.
  3. Consistency – have a consistent message but remember the medium in which this message is to be delivered in podcast communication is different from traditional radio – try not to re-purpose.

As Audio Advertising ramps up, IAB Canada has been working with the Audio Committee to develop best practices and delve into standards to help grow this tremendously dynamic platform.

Be sure to tune into our latest IAB Canada Podcast with Triton Digital for further audio sound bites.

*Source: The Canadian Podcast Listener, 2018