Benchmarking Progess on DEI in Advertising

IAB Canada continues to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in the online advertising sector. By modifying taxonomies to better reflect what we are describing in our market (ie. blocklists and allow lists), encouraging our members to put forward diverse talent to participate in our councils, committees, and events, stressing the importance and commitment to our DEI Charter, and reinforcing the great work our partner associations are doing, we remain steadfast in our resolve to drive our industry forward.  

To this end, we are delighted to work with ACA and the WFA again in 2023, to help measure global progress through the 2023 Global DEI Census

If you haven’t had a chance to participate yet, there’s still time! The deadline has been extended to April 30th, so click here to complete the survey and have your voice be heard. Your input is crucial to driving meaningful change in our industry.