Booming In-Game Advertising Market Offers Rich Opportunities for Canadian Brands

Canada’s in-game advertising industry is experiencing rapid growth, offering marketers a unique channel to reach enormous and captivated audiences. Industry figures underscore this trend, with the market projected to generate US$1.45bn in revenue by 2024 and grow steadily until 2029, presenting rich opportunities for brands across Canada. 

Suggested: According to Anzu’s data, at the heart of this growth is the sheer scale of Canada’s gamer population, which numbers 23 million nationwide, or 61% of the population. This translates into an expansive addressable market for advertisers, with an impressive average revenue per user (ARPU) of US$87.53, highlighting the sector’s potential for profitability. 

The Canadian audience is notably receptive to non-intrusive advertising formats, reflecting a global trend toward subtle and relevant in-game placements. Key players like Media Pulse and its partnership with Anzu are driving this innovation by providing sophisticated targeting and implementing IAB-standard ad formats like dynamic in-game billboards and interactive branded experiences. 

Sectors Poised for In-Game Success 

In-game advertising holds promise for several sectors, including: 

  • Consumer Goods: Brands targeting young, tech-savvy consumers find ample opportunity. 
  • Entertainment: Movies, streaming services, and music align naturally with gaming audiences. 
  • Automotive: Racing games and virtual worlds are ideal for showcasing vehicles. 
  • Travel & Tourism: Build destination awareness through immersive in-game experiences. 

Staying Ahead of the Game 

Canadian marketers must leverage in-game advertising to remain competitive. As the market matures, we can expect further innovation in ad formats, personalization capabilities, and performance measurement. Early adopters will benefit from a rapidly expanding advertising landscape. 

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