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On December 12, 2012, IAB Canada invited those who reside on the technical side of our industry to attend a web-conference introduction on SafeFrame 1.0.

The event was hosted by IAB Canada, had presenters from IAB US, and attendees from IAB UK invited in to observe. In a truly global mission to streamline information, we heard first-hand from the US working group responsible about what SafeFrame is and how companies can utilize it for their business. The focus of the presentation was technical and on adoption.

The adoption of the SafeFrame specification will be critical for implementation of the 3MS standards in the future. Additional key benefits of SafeFrame include:

Consumer Protection

Ads shown from unfiltered sources, such as ad exchanges, are isolated from the publisher’s domain and any sensitive or otherwise personal information that may display on the webpage, such as email content or banking information.

Publisher Control

The isolation between publisher code and ad code enables publishers to maintain control of the page layout and limit interference from ads. Using the SafeFrame API, publishers also have the ability to decide what website information (if any) should be exposed to which advertisers and vendors.

Publisher Efficiency

With the implementation of SafeFrame, publisher control prevents ad code from breaking page function, reducing operational cost and improving revenue potential.

Standardized Advertiser Layouts

Advertising technology providers may standardize their ad code so that it can run on any publisher network that adheres to the SafeFrame API protocol, reducing operational costs.

Support for Viewability and other Industry Initiatives

Not only will SafeFrame assist with 3MS viewability standards, it will also help with privacy concerns.

Available below is the full presentation deck:

Download The Full SafeFrame Presentation (PPT)

To stay up to date on the SafeFrame project led by IAB US, click here.