IAB Canada Training

A critical element of IAB Canada’s commitment to the industry is to build human capital through education, certification and networking.

Globally, IAB is recognized as the gold standard in education for online advertising. In Canada IAB has proudly led the training of the digital media workforce for over a decade and, as the only association that is actively setting standards, policies and solutions to secure the supply chain globally, are best positioned to continue set the standards of education in the field moving forward.

Advanced TV Week: Next Level Sight, Sound and Motion

The way Canadians consume video has been shifting and the recent pandemic has escalated those trends. To help our members leverage this exciting and complex medium, IAB Canada is excited to introduce Advanced TV Week! Over the course of four…

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Advanced Programmatic

Automated Media in 2020 Programmatic has outgrown itself. Automatically bought and sold digital advertising was once novel but is now entering a critical next phase of evolution. Tried and true data collection methods like 3rd party cookies are undergoing massive…

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Marketing to Gamers

The “gamer” stereotype typically conjures up images of a teenage boy, sitting in a basement alone or with friends on a console or PC, but does that reflect reality? In truth, a whopping 64% of ALL Canadians are considered gamers.…

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Search Trends

Search is a significant advertising channel in its own right and the key to a truly integrated marketing mix. If you are eager to learn about what is happening in Search this year, then look no further. The Search Trends seminar will showcase the latest insights, and innovations within search.

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