Course Description

Now more than ever, ad operations leaders need to work intelligently in order to make campaigns run efficiently. With the proliferation of more platforms and channels, ad units and formats, metrics and tools, up-to-date knowledge is absolutely necessary.

Deepen your working knowledge of digital ad operations and get prepared to take the Digital Ad Ops Certification (DAOC) exam with IAB Canada.

What You’ll Learn

Throughout the course we will cover all key aspects of the ad operations role:

  • Executing Campaign Launch
  • Managing Live Campaigns
  • Managing Emerging Technologies
  • Creating, Maintaining, Documenting Product Offerings
  • Managing Incidents
  • Inventory Management and Integrity
  • Managing Client and Partner Relationships

Attendees will come away with an elevated knowledge of digital ad operations and will better their chance of success when sitting for the exam.


Jennifer Chan, Director of Digital Ad Operations at Rogers and IAB Canada Ad Ops Committee Co-Chair

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for digital ad operations professionals who are preparing for the IAB Ad Operations Certification exam or for those who are looking to deepen their knowledge of ad operations.

Many of the subjects discussed in this course are intermediate/advanced, it is therefore recommended you have at least 1 year of experience in digital media and/or ad operations before attending.

If you are interested in writing the DAOC exam please review the eligibility criteria.

Dates and Locations

TorontoFeb 27, 201810:00 am – 5:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada2 St. Clair Ave W, Suite 602
TorontoSep 25, 201810:00 am – 5:00 pmEnglishIAB Canada2 St. Clair Ave W, Suite 602


  • Course includes a lunch break where lunch is provided.


1.0 - Planning and Executing Campaigns

  1. 1.1: Defining Campaign Goals
  2. 1.2: Identifying Execution Strategies
  3. 1.3: Creative Strategy Considerations
  4. 1.4: VAST, VPAID and MRAID

2.0 - Media Buying and Selling

  1. 2.1: The RFP
  2. 2.2: Inventory Forecasting
  3. 2.3: Where Programmatic Fits
  4. 2.4: Publisher Workflow
  5. 2.5: Creative delivery from agency side
  6. 2.6: Review Media Plan
  7. 2.7: Implementing Conversion Tags
  8. 2.8: Implement Creative Assets
  9. 2.9: Vendor QA Check
  10. 2:10 Verifying Successful Launch

3.0 - Managing Live Campaigns

  1. 3.1: Defining Monitoring or Alerting Requirements
  2. 3.2: Media Metrics
  3. 3.3: Troubleshooting Live Issues
  4. 3.4: Optimizing Campaigns
  5. 3.5: Campaign Reports
  6. 3.6: Discrepancies

4.0 - Managing Incidents

  1. 4.1: Diagnosing Issues
  2. 4.2: Communications Procedure
  3. 4.3: Provide Feedback to Vendors

5.0 - Managing Emerging Technologies

  1. 5.1: Evaluating Opportunities
  2. 5.2: Testing

6.0 - Ad Technology Platforms

  1. 6.1: Publisher and Agency Ad Ops Stacks
  2. 6.2: Creating Order Management Systems
  3. 6.3: Network Architecture
  4. 6.4: Anatomy of Site Ad Tag
  5. 6.5: Technical Integrations

7.0 - Managing Client and Partner Relationships

  1. 7.1: Assessing Feasibility
  2. 7.2: 3rd Party Integrations

Course Policies


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NOTE: Only 2 cancellations or registrant substitutions are allowed per company, per course. A charge of $100 will apply to each additional cancellation or registrant substitution.

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