Digital Media Sales Certification Update

IAB Canada is proud to highlight 47 Canadians who have obtained their Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC) from IAB in the US so far in 2013.

These certified digital media salespersons comprise the sales teams of, Bell Media, The Globe and Mail, Mediative, PostMedia (National Post, The Gazette and The Citizen), and Yahoo! Canada. It is encouraging for the Canadian marketplace that digital media sales organisations hold the DMSC in such high esteem so as to encourage their sales staff to obtain their certification. Together they are driving

Some of these newly certified salespersons have also completed either a 2-hour DMSC preparatory course which presented them with those elements that are purely American and different in Canada as the examination is a US-based one. Many of them when through our 2-day Digital Media Sales course held as custom sessions in their own offices this spring and summer. Many more will be performing their certification exam in the October testing window.

Congratulations to all 47 on achieving this benchmark certification!

Do you want to get in on the action? Either sign up for our 2-hour DMSC prep course or set up a custom session for your team, sign up for our 2-day DMS course coming up in November in Toronto and Montreal or set up a customized session for your company, or sign up directly for the certification with IAB (US).

Get certified today!