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  • IAB Canada Releases First in a Series of AI Impact Industry Papers – How AI Impacts Digital Advertising: Search
    Artificial Intelligence has played an integral role in performance marketing for many years. AI-powered platforms have revolutionized how consumers use search and consequently transformed search advertising. This industry paper explores what marketers need to consider to ensure continued success with their search advertising campaigns in this new era of AI-powered search. Read More

  • Canadian Perspectives on AI: Report Highlights Trust, Regulation, and Inclusion
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to bring about positive social changes, yet ensuring its responsible and ethical implementation remains a top priority. TELUS, a leading telecommunications company dedicated to responsible AI practices and member of IAB Canada, recently released its 2024 research report, `The Power of Perspectives in Canada,’ distilling the opinions of 5,000 Canadians on emerging AI technologies. Read More

  • Canadians are rediscovering the open internet as revealed in The Trade Desk Intelligence’s Open Internet Report 2024
    The Trade Desk Intelligence reveals a compelling trend in its Open Internet Report 2024: consumers are rediscovering the open internet, a vibrant realm of news websites, CTV, and podcast networks where information flows freely. Read More

  • FlexiVODs are Shifting TV Streaming behaviours in Canada, Roku’s VOD Evolution 2024 Study Reveals 
    As Canadian Video-on-Demand (VOD) consumers grow, a new audience category emerges. FlexiVOD enters the lexicon of digital media defined by consumers who change TV streaming habits in response to evolving content offerings and programming needs. Roku shares insights into the viewing habits of the FlexiVOD consumer in their VOD Evolution 2024 study. Read More

  • How Responsible Media is Transforming Canada’s Advertising Landscape with The Globe and Mail
    Following The Globe and Mail’s webinar on a topic that is one everyone’s mind, IAB Canada sat down to delve deeper into Responsible Media to understand more about what it will take to shape a brighter future for the media industry in Canada.  Read More

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  • GBC: Digital Marketing Symposium – Predictive Analytics in Marketing: Embracing AI
    The speed of solving problems has rapidly transformed from months and years to just hours, days, and weeks. For marketers, It’s a time of excitement and anxiety. The future holds new challenges involving the interactions between humans and machines.

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  • The Art of Leadership Women
    Looking to take your leadership to the next level? The Art of Leadership Women returns this June with its 11th national tour!

    This unique one-day conference features an empowering lineup of speakers and topics curated to share strategies and insights on the most critical issues facing leaders today. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to develop your leaders, engage your talent, and build high-performing teams. Join us for an inspiring day of learning, networking, and championing change for women.

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