Join us for a fireside chat with Akta Sharma, Senior Sales Manager from Samsung Ads Canada, and John Shilton, Group Account Director | MarTech & Data Intelligence at Publicis Groupe, as they delve into the myriad of ways of thinking about AdvancedTV within the Canadian marketplace. In this conversation, Akta and John will discuss the growth of Connected TV to address concerns voiced by both marketers and advertisers regarding incrementality, targeting, and exploring the power of data through key areas such as ACR and the use of premium first-party data.

Don’t miss valuable insights from Samsung Ads into the power of first-party data and how it will be leveraged by marketers and advertisers in the future.

  • Akta Sharma, Senior Sales Manager, Samsung Ads Canada
  • John Shilton, Group Account Director, MarTech & Data Intelligence, PUBLICIS