News in Canada and around the world has had an incredible journey since the digitization of content. From its early adoption of digital channels to produce and distribute relevant content to Canadians, to the challenges presented by citizen journalism, social media and the rising costs of digital ad management and most recently, the categorical blocking of all news to avoid negative content alignment, News has been through it all.

2021 was a watershed moment for the sector. Growing awareness of the critical importance to preserve News and the incentive for big tech to support and partner to make it happen, has led to a new reality. Join us for a fascinating 1-hr panel featuring Andrew Saunders, CRO, Globe and Mail, Jeff Elgie, CEO Village Media, Mladen Raickovic, Head of Canada, Global Partnerships – Google and Erin Millar, CEO and Co-Founder, Indiegraf Media who will discuss the promising future of News in Canada and the roadmap to get there.