Biometric Research: This is your brain on ads

IAS partnered with Neuro-Insight to conduct research into the connection between ad placement and consumer perception. By using technology that tracks and records brain activity, IAS found neurological evidence that ads viewed in high-quality environments are perceived more favorably than in low-quality environments. Join IAS Product Marketing Director, Rossmary Gil, as she explains how content in high quality websites is 30% more likely to transfer from short-term memory to long-term memory, offering a more conducive environment for brand recall.


Rossmary Gil, Product Marketing Director, IAS

Rossmary is an innovative and performance-driven marketing leader with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing. She is a results-driven product marketer with extensive experience building and executing product strategy and go-to-market launches for ad tech and healthcare tech companies. She started a career in the Healthcare Technology space, working as a product manager at an Electronic Health Record (EHR) company. Her software design contributions are still used today to protect and save the lives of our geriatric population all over the United States. In 2016, she moved into the Advertising Technology space and specialized in product marketing. Today, she is Director of Product Marketing at Integral Ad Science, responsible globally for Product Marketing agency and brand solutions. Outside of work, she is a passionate about yoga and is a certified yoga instructor.