The Globe and Mail takes pride in its status as an independently owned Canadian media company that is committed to solutions-based journalism. It caters to a high-value audience that demonstrates its support for the company’s mission through print and digital subscriptions. The Globe is also a technology company, a global leader in building software geared specifically toward optimizing content performance and using AI and machine learning to drive business outcomes.

As a publisher, it connects with its audiences every day by providing the information they require to be informed citizens of the country, and that they need to make life and economic decisions. Its comments sections and presence on social-media platforms encourage discussion and interaction. The Globe also regularly hosts events: live, virtual and hybrid, that feature access to its journalists and their expertise.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll learn how Globe Content Studio leverages the power of Globe journalism and Globe data science to help its clients achieve business results through content marketing.

We’ll showcase how that combination, paired with great design and a smart media strategy, comes to life through case studies.

Then we’ll give a nod to the future. How are trends we watched unfold over the past year informing our approach as we enter 2023?


  • Sean Stanleigh Head of Globe Content Studio,
    The Globe and Mail
  • Kirstie Ciccone Strategic Brand Partnerships and
    Content Marketing, The Globe and Mail