Join us March 23, 2022 at 1:00pm EST for a discussion, presented by LetAlone, on the new world of decentralized, ethical advertising. LetAlone will discuss the definition of zero-party data and how a future including the consumer is best for everyone.

Increasing privacy regulations, growing consumer backlash, a greater demand for transparency and accuracy, attribution challenges, data hoarding, a near total lack of contextual feedback and the impending shut-down of cross website tracking… the list of challenges for advertisers gets longer and longer, and the list of real solutions is not entirely clear.

LetAlone will share its vision that excludes centralized databases, cross company data sharing or even privacy issues all together.  One in which consumers are fully engaged and in control. And one where transparency could be the norm not the aspiration.


Justin Trevan, CEO and Cofounder, LetAlone