As consumer privacy and the deprecation of the third-party cookie continues to dominate the conversation, it becomes increasingly important to focus attention on new methods of addressing the digital-first consumer. But what is addressability and how does it impact the relationship between advertisers, publishers, and the consumer?

Join us in this discussion of the evolutionary steps taken in the advertising industry, insight from the agency perspective into what clients look for in a new business, and the impact of a powerful partnership.

In this 30-minute fireside chat, you’ll take away:

  • What you need to know about addressability and where it’s going
  • The importance of leveraging audience insights for successful media campaigns
  • The differentiators when considering a media partner

Register today for the fireside chat, and join the discussion during the live Q&A.


  • Sam Gottfried Sam Gottfried Head of Sales Canada, Quantcast
  • Darren Hardeman Darren Hardeman SVP, Digital Strategy, MediaCom Canada