Programmatic in China is growing fast. Really fast. In fact, programmatic ad spend has grown 500% in the past five years and shows no signs of slowing down soon. Brands and agencies continue to see evidence that programmatic drives business outcomes, while publishers increasingly look to programmatic as an effective way to monetize yield. But programmatic in China isn’t like programmatic everywhere else. Its makeup, top to bottom, is entirely unique. In this session, we’ll explore the topics needed to get the most from the vast opportunities programmatic provides in the Chinese market.  We’ll also discuss the resurgence of this market in the wake of the pandemic, which industries recovered the fastest, and how marketers are continuing to respond and prepare for the future.  


  • What’s the driving force behind the growth in programmatic? Why is programmatic so important, now more than ever?
  • Who are the most important players in the Chinese programmatic market?
  • What are the critical factors to consider when looking to successfully execute programmatic in China?


  • Alex Deats, EVP Strategy & Operations, China, MiQ
  • Brian Ecclesine, VP of National Sales, China, MiQ