Roku recently conducted its 4th annual video-on-demand study to explore what is shaping Canadian streaming habits. Join us as we explore trends, engagement, and the shifting streaming habits of Canadians. Learn how customers are shopping, discovering, and purchasing while using the biggest screen in the home (TV) as their preferred platform for streaming.

Find out more about FexiVOD behaviour as streamers consideration around VOD services continues to change over the next 12 months. Walk away with actionable insights into delivering meaningful advertising solutions across the TV streamers journey in the stream, surrounding the stream or by being the stream.

You will learn:

  • The size of the Canadian TV streaming market including devices, services accessed and TV streaming behaviours of Canadians
  • How Roku can deliver ad experiences to the biggest cohorts of streaming consumers in Canada
  • What is happening with advertising within TV streaming and consumer attitudes around personalization, interruptions in the viewing experience, variation of ads and more.

Who should attend:

  • Agencies and brands looking to increase engagement with consumers in Canada through TV streaming.

Speaker: Laura Chaibi – Director, International Ad Marketing & Insights, Roku