In order to adapt to the circumstances of 2020, you may have ordered click-and-collect groceries, maybe you purchased everything to come right to your door, or maybe you checked up on a retailer’s website to see what was in stock before running out to get it just in case. All of these behaviours are tied to the online shift in the consumer-packaged goods market, where some consumers are now looking to digital means to fulfil their grocery needs.

A higher percentage than ever choose to become online shoppers, and these habits will continue into a post-pandemic environment.

The challenge for marketers within this multi-billion dollar industry, the customer, is now fragmented, unlike many other industries. There are omnichannel shoppers, those who will go exclusively digital, and others who will remain loyal to the brick-and-mortar storefronts we all know.

We have taken a look at the consumer habits for each segment of the PGS and created distinct profiles for each, mapping their changing behaviours and the marketing strategies that will entice their particular shopping styles.


  • Holly Chessman – Supervisor, Client Strategy, Time + Space Media
  • Jessica Parson, Manager, Content Marketing, Time + Space Media