Join Jennifer Fields, Sr. Director of Business Development at the Trade Desk, and their partners at Rogers Sports & Media, and Starcom to better understand the value of the open internet across elements like intentional spaces that go beyond social into the right moment. 

Trust emerges as a vital factor in driving consumer involvement, highlighting the significance of authentic connections.  Discover why advertisers often misallocate resources compared to consumer habits and learn how consumer attention doesn’t always correlate with time spent, uncovering hidden nuances in engagement. Join us to gain actionable insights to recalibrate strategies, ensuring your advertising aligns with genuine consumer behavior and trust-driven engagement.


  • Jennifer Fields, Sr. Director, Business Development, The Trade Desk


  • Ansh Nandwani, Lead, Data and Insights, Rogers Sports and Media
  • Santosh Yadav, VP Media Planning, Starcom