Exclusive Insights from State of the Nation 2024 Toronto – WTF Do We Do Now?

The future of digital advertising is centered around privacy. As third-party cookies eventually crumble, panelists at IAB Canada’s State of the Nation event in Toronto explored actionable tactics for maintaining effective audience targeting while upholding evolving privacy standards. This panel was moderated by Christy Macleod (Chief Data & Solutions Officer, KINESSO) and included industry leaders Evan Wood (EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Environics Analytics), Jaime Greenwald (Manager, Agency, Snap Inc.), Jennifer Fields (Senior Director, Business Development, The Trade Desk) and Vlad Stesin (Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Optable). 

The cookie deprecation has been delayed again,” Fields, began. “But, let’s face it, it’s a flawed solution, especially when you consider that Google Chrome only accounts for a little over half of browser usage in Canada.” 

 Thankfully, there are solutions available. Fields highlighted The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) as a “privacy-safe, consumer-centric” solution built on hashed email addresses and usable across browsers and devices.  She presented a case study where Starcom and Samsung achieved a 19x increase in campaign performance through UID2 integration. 

 Woods of Environics, a measurement and data platform, pointed out that effective audience targeting requires more than just identifying the right people. “The biggest challenge,” he said, “is having that consistent ability to do cross-screen measurement.” 

 Woods states that a solution starts with a collaboration between data providers and platforms. He highlighted a successful project with a CPG company that utilized TV viewership data and Trade Desk data to optimize reach and frequency. 

Stesin, representing a publisher data company, emphasized the positive outcomes of this privacy-focused shift. “Publishers are now investing in first-party data,” he said. “They offer media products anchored in this data, creating an advantage for the Canadian ecosystem.” 

Innovation was another key theme. Greenwald from Snap Inc. shared how privacy regulations have driven them to rebuild their entire ad stack. This resulted in a 74% increase in purchase-related conversions and a 300% increase in Cappy integrations. She further states that AR, which is what Snap is known for, has transformed how people connect with brands, services and products. 

 Metrics are also evolving. Fields spoke about the growing importance of cross-device measurement solutions and quality metrics. However, Stesin cautioned against overcomplicating things. “The fundamentals remain the same,” he said. “It’s about fragmentation, and we all need to learn to navigate it.” 

 The panel wrapped up with advice for marketers struggling to adapt. “Collaboration is key,” said Fields. “Don’t try to solve everything at once. Pick a problem, develop a strategy, and test and learn.” 

 “Don’t shy away from innovation,” Greenwald added. “Look for partners that align with your values and objectives.” 

Stesin concluded with an optimistic outlook, “This is the beginning of a new era in digital advertising. Let’s embrace privacy as a feature and work accordingly.” 

By working together and embracing new technologies, the advertising industry can evolve with the changing privacy landscape and ensure a future that benefits both consumers and brands. 

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