Global Privacy Project to be Released for Public Commentary Q1 2022

As the digital advertising industry prepares for a cookieless reality and increasingly complex privacy legislation, the need for a technology-neutral method for delivering meaningful consent has become increasingly urgent. In response, local IABs, the IAB Tech Lab and their collective stakeholders have been working hard over the past 18 months to create the Global Privacy Project (GPP) – a one of a kind, proven privacy framework that ensures consumers can make choices online that are technically executed while providing the supply chain with an accountability stream. This includes a record of consent status in compliance with cross-jurisdictional laws streamlining technical privacy standards into a singular schema and set of tools which can adapt to regulatory and commercial market demands across channels. After no shortage of cross industry collaboration, the finishing touches are being put on the technical specifications of the GPP and the entire project is being run through the IAB legal team for a final review. The plan is to release V.1 of the GPP framework for public commentary no later than the end of Q1 2022. 

With the estimated release date of end of March 2022, this global approach to responsible, privacy-protected media transactions (first-born in Europe in response to the GDPR), V.1 will include a Canadian-specific Transparency and Consent string that provides consent management platforms with access to required signalling and allow vendors to continue to pass bid requests that comply with both provincial and federal requirements here in our market. The framework will then continue to evolve to serve additional markets and channels and, as a result, hundreds of Consent Management Platforms will be able to leverage this technology to provide content publishers with the peace of mind that their consent activity is being managed in a globally standardized way while minimizing risk for the industry and enhancing privacy protection for consumers. 

In an effort to educate and keep our members up to date on the progress being made, IAB Canada has curated a collection of resources to help inform the industry of the work happening. This includes the invaluable CJPP Compendium, which provides an overview of the privacy laws from 11 countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and South Korea – and examines how they apply to digital advertising activities that may involve personal data and the accompanying CJPP Legal Specifications. These outputs will set forth the legal inputs necessary for the future iteration of the global privacy string which will address the challenge of demonstrating compliance with a multitude of disparate notice and choice requirements across the globe. You will also find our local Canadian TCF Policies as well as supporting documentation for both Californian and European efforts in our resource centre. 

Over the coming months, the policy team at IAB Canada will continue to share developments on this important framework and how it can become just one of many tools in your privacy compliance toolkit. We encourage you to send us your questions and we invite all IAB Canada members to join our privacy working group by contacting