GDPR Compliance Framework – IAB Canada Working Group Call-Out

Earlier this month, IAB Europe released the new GDPR compliance framework for international public commentary.

IAB Canada has called out for a small working group to help consolidate member feedback and commentary from Canada to relay to our IAB Europe office. If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact Laura Ferron who will be organizing a discussion in the coming days over conference call.

We have started to collect feedback and have noted that this is certainly a lively topic of conversation across all borders. We would like to ensure all feedback is collected so that we can address all concerns that are raised in a streamlined communication.

Further to the release of the original framework, IAB Europe has just announced that Vendors and Consent Management Providers (CMPs) that would like to register to participate in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework can now view the relevant guidance documents.

  • See Vendor Registration Guide here
  • See CMP Registration Guide here.

These documents set out the series of questions that need to be completed for registration as either a Vendor or a CMP, and the verification process that will be used to determine if the applicant is eligible.

On completion of this process, Vendors will be assigned a Vendor ID and notified that they will be published in the Global Vendor List (GVL). CMPs will be assigned a CMP ID as well as a delegated sub-domain, and similarly notified and published in the CMP list. The Vendor/CMP web portal where registration can take place is due to go live imminently.

We will continue to update you on any other releases and will also be scheduling a member call to discuss the feedback collected throughout the past few weeks. Please stay tuned for the date and time of this upcoming call.