IAB Canada Annual 360 Media Survey Delivered

We are happy to announce that, once again, IAB Canada has completed the delivery of the 360 Study for all participating sponsors. Since 2014, we have been conducting this invaluable annual benchmark research program to assist top Canadian digital media sellers in understanding how to build better relationships with advertising agencies and marketers. Over the years we have provided the industry with trending on the areas of focus that matter most for the buyside when it comes to investing in digital media. Each year, we discover important insights that affect not only the participating members, but also the way in which IAB Canada plans its programming to help drive positive change and raise all boats. 

The 360 Study digs into over 20 key attributes that matter most to the media buying community. These include everything from business interactions and customer support to thought leadership and results. After delivering custom reports to each participant (which tells them exactly where they rank competitively in our market) IAB Canada studies the aggregate industry report card to uncover areas of opportunity for the industry at large. This year was no different and we are quite pleased with the general results.

“The 360 study provides Twitter with insights into where we stand competitively, helping to drive strategic direction and provide benchmarking for our teams each year” – Alyson Gausby, Head of Research at Twitter Canada

In 2021 we saw significant growth across key areas like the adoption of fraud prevention measures, transparent operational dealings and thought leadership – all top priorities within the Canadian industry. We also identified a reach challenge which is presumably related to fragmentation and closely linked to ongoing measurement challenges. An area that we will be spending more time on in 2022 and discussing at our upcoming Digital for Reach event next month.

This year’s findings also indicate that media sellers who can package cross-media opportunities will be top performing, while noting that publishers across the board will be well served to continue with their demonstration of thought leadership and provisions for useful training and education. Addressing the top priorities when it comes to quality, transparency, brand safety and compliance with regulations, IAB Canada will be releasing the Gold Standard program this year to provide media buyers with a level of comfort and security when they invest in a certified supply chain.

We would like to thank the participants of the 2021 study. This report provides benchmarking and concrete directional insights that our valued members take seriously. We have seen positive improvements across those that have been part of the study for 7 years. We look forward to kicking off the 2022 reporting later this year and the call out for participation is officially open – reach out to research@iabcanada.com