IAB Canada Celebrates DESA/nabs Positive Disruption

Thoughtful Digital Leadership

While the advertising industry starts to show positive signs of recovery from the global pandemic, we are seeing an emergence of services that are designed to work with a more flexible and progressive approach to the business of bringing ads to life. Most recently, we were impressed by the launch of an interesting new partnership between DESA and nabs – a coalition that serves the creative agency and client community through a charitable business model.

Organizations across the board are focusing on supporting agile work teams while talent is looking to re-imagine the way in which they work – shifting from rigid 9-5 work schedules, to flexible freelance models. DESA’s entry into the creative space enables this new reality with the added benefit of supporting the industry’s designated benevolence association, nabs.

The model is simple. When investing in a creative services package with DESA, a portion of the revenue will be donated to nabs. A classic win-win where clients receive tax receipts for the donation amount and recognize the savings at the end of the year and society benefits directly from the purchases of services from DESA.

IAB Canada celebrates all positive disruption in the digital advertising sector. Developing circular models and businesses designed to have a positive effect on the economy and its hard-working community is the path forward and we look forward to seeing more activity such as this in the market.