IAB Canada Doubles Down on Domestic Media Support with #NosMediasLocaux/#OurLocalMedia

This week the IAB Canada sub-committee for local media met to discuss progress on the domestic media initiative we have been working on over the past few months. Our efforts to generate a local media database have expanded to include all domestic publisher domains tagged with pertinent details to enable open source access and to provide an open-access foundation for innovation against Canadian media content.

We are thrilled to announce a strong partnership with #NosMediasLocaux/#OurLocalMedia whereby IAB Canada will take on the maintenance and provide access of the database to the digital media industry. We will be working on merging the IAB Canada database content with the existing work that has been championed by M32 alongside its partners in Quebec to create a national directory including both English and French content providers. Subsequent phases will include layering on IAB international standards to ensure buyers and ad tech partners are able to filter by factors like ads.txt, VAST, MRC and others.

This move also positions the Canadian publishing community extremely well to mobilize against the outcomes of international effort through Rearc and other initiatives to re-imagine the cookieless world. Unified, tagged and ready to progress with the industry as it moves quickly in the coming months and years.