IAB Canada Education Update

We have been very busy on the education front in the last 6 months and plan to be as busy in the next!

We have trained over 640 people since the beginning of 2013 with 8 different courses across 28 public and 11 custom in-house sessions in 6 Canadian cities.

All our courses have been reviewed and updated but it is worth mentioning that the Mobile Marketing and the Integrated Digital Marketing courses were completely overhauled.

Three new courses were launched so far this year as well. The Introduction to Online Media Buying is our first eLearning course, intended as rapid on-boarding for agency beginners. The Digital Media Sales Certification Preparatory course for Canadians was launched in March, intended as a stepping stone for experienced sellers to obtain their certification. More recently, the two-day Digital Media Sales course was launched and presented several times directly to publishers and is now planned as a public session later this year.

We have also restructured our certification program, converting requirements from number of courses to hours of IAB Canada training received. This is largely due to current course offering which is not limited to 1-day / 8 hour courses. A 1-day course now earns attendees 8 credits for example. You can earn your Digital Leadership Certificate when you have obtained 24 credits and a Digital Master Certificate when you have obtained 40 credits. Contact us to find out how many credits you have cumulated so far.

This fall we are introducing a Programmatic Media Buying course aimed principally at agency personnel working either on buying, planning or strategy. This course will lay out and clarify the real-time bidding and programmatic technology and expertise landscape offering best practices for numerous strategies.

We are currently working on two more new courses. The first is an Ad Operations for agencies and publishers intended for beginner ad ops personnel as well as for managers of such personnel who have not performed the job when going up the ranks. This course outlines the various technologies and processes involved and spend much time in troubleshooting strategies. Next is an Advertising Analytics course for marketers which will present the analytics and measurement landscape, what each solution does, how to track creative and campaign performance to relate them to business goals.

It is time now to benefit from early bird rates on many of this fall’s public courses, or to schedule custom training for your company in Integrated Digital Marketing, Digital Media Sales or any of our other courses.

To find out all of our course offerings, view our courses page here.