IAB Canada Gold Standard & Better Ads

Earlier this week, the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) announced that it has developed a Better Ads Standard for mobile apps to expand its efforts to improve the online ad experience for consumers. The ad experiences identified in the Standard are based on the Coalition’s extensive research related to mobile apps, which involved more than 45,000 consumers in 7 countries. 

The four types of ad experiences that were least preferred by consumers and are beneath the Better Ads Standard for mobile in-app environments include: 

  • Interruptive Interstitials
  • Interruptive Video Interstitial
  • Non-Skippable Interruptive Video Interstitials 
  • Video Interstitials When Opening an App 

The Coalition’s research found strong alignment of consumer preferences across countries and regions for the most- and least-preferred mobile app ad experiences, supporting the adoption of a single Better Ads Standard globally. The Coalition’s Better Ads Standards identify the ad experiences that fall beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability and are most likely to drive consumers to install ad blockers. More than 150,000 consumers have participated to date in the Coalition’s research to develop its set of Better Ads Standards. You can find the full release here. 

The CBA also informed IAB Canada that they are currently in the early stages of the development of their next standard which will focus on feed environments. Active discussions have already commenced and IAB Canada will be joining their working group moving forward. If you are an IAB Canada member and interested in joining these discussions, or if you have any questions, please reach out to policy@iabcanada.com

IAB Canada’s Gold Standard working group is currently collaborating with the global network to develop standards that will address both local and international requirements for improving the digital advertising experience, tackling fraud and upholding brand safety. The group’s focus is to enable the Canadian supply chain members to gain access to a Gold Standard seal. Standards such as those coming out of the CBA will surely be a part of this program. “The supply chain needs vigilance and rigour around standards development. The days of “setting and forgetting” are over. With new compliance requirements emerging at accelerated speeds, the sophistication of fraudulent activity and the evolving brand risk requirements, the industry must invest in demonstrative self-regulatory activity to remain sustainable, and we’re excited to lead the charge for Canada,” said Sonia Carreno, President IAB Canada.

Please reach out if you would like to join the conversation.