IAB Canada is very excited to announce a new search for an Ad Tech Rockstar!

IAB Canada has been setting standards, delivering on the technical underpinnings of digital media and developing technical solutions to secure the supply chain. Leveraging its global strength, IAB Canada has been at the forefront of addressing issues facing the industry today.

As part of its portfolio, the IAB Tech Lab has been driving momentous change for the industry, from historically delivering on the technical backbone of self-regulatory technology like Ad Choices and recently the GDPR compliance framework, to last year’s release of Ads.txt to help eliminate fraud, the work being done is critical to our industry.

IAB Canada is looking to bring in an ad ops Rock Star to help rapidly circulate information and training around developments from the Tech Lab to our members. This opportunity is ideal for any ad ops specialist with tremendous passion for the industry and a great desire to connect with the industry.

Must be a team player that has passion and enthusiasm for the growth of the industry with the integrity it takes to raise all boats.

Contact us at careers@iabcanada.com