IAB Canada Launches 10th Annual Benchmarking Study Assessing Digital Sales Performance in Canada

Since 2014, IAB Canada has been conducting an invaluable piece of research to assist top Canadian digital media sellers in benchmarking their performance with the buy-side. Over the years, this study has focused on fostering better relationships with advertising agencies and marketers, as well as, providing the industry with trending on attributes that matter the most to the buyside when it comes to investing in digital media. The report classifies core attributes from “must haves” to key differentiators that are likely to generate an impact on revenue. 

Longstanding participants from the publisher and platform stakeholder groups have used their scores against the key attributes to benchmark against both industry standards as well as their own performance year over year.  

Examples of attribute categories include business interactions, thought leadership, core technical capabilities as well as targeting & reach. The results allow for a better understanding of market positioning and potential areas of focus for the year ahead, acting as a guide for Comm-teams/PR, HR, Sales, and Marketing.  

“From an industry perspective, our 360 Study has provided a clear picture of the shifting needs of our buy-side community,” said Laura Ferron, Head of Member Relations, and study lead, “what was once “nice to have” in many cases has evolved into a baseline requirement”. 

The deadline for registration is quickly approaching. If your organization would like to participate in this year’s “360 Digital Seller Survey of the Buy-Side” and receive a customized report, reach out to memberships@iabcanada.com