IAB Canada Launches its Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Last year, IAB Canada announced its intention to do more to promote a diverse and inclusive digital media advertising industry in Canada. We took a strong position on industry taxonomy and committed to curating events with participants that more closely reflect the rich diversity of our media landscape. We also created a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) working group to help determine how IAB Canada might contribute to a global movement for positive change. 

The D&I working group hit the ground running. After several discussions, we landed on three core areas of focus: Advocacy, Education and Strategic Action. To support these important pillars, the group developed the IAB Canada Diversity & Inclusion Charter which outlines eight principles established to clearly articulate our commitment as a community, toward foddering a diverse and inclusive industry. 

“As an immigrant in the marketing and digital space, I’ve always wanted a meaningful voice and IAB Canada has provided the platform for me and my fellow members. This working group is made up of a diverse alliance of smart, strong and determined individuals, each with their own story and purpose to drive this forward and each volunteering to represent their organizations at the table. The conversation is a necessary one, and it is inspiring to watch the entire digital advertising community take a stand.  IAB Canada is prepared and committed by bravely incorporating this charter into its pillars.” – Maz Tannir, Chair of IAB Canada’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, and Media Director, WS   

IAB Canada’s Diversity & Inclusion Charter strongly supports the incorporation of a wide range of perspectives, ideas and experiences that diversity provides, regardless of peoples’ gender, age, language, disability, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religious belief, and more.   

“It’s been a pleasure working with IAB Canada and the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce in drafting this Charter. The Charter is just the beginning. With this first step, I am confident the industry will take concrete actions to build upon their practices of greater inclusivity and representation for the enhancement of the global communities we are so privileged to work in.” – Megha Wadhwani, Legal Counsel, Privacy and Risk, Index Exchange 

The document outlines focused ways in which IAB Canada can incorporate best practices in its existing mandate to support the online advertising industry’s growth in Canada. We are grateful to the working group and the entire IAB Canada Board of Directors for their passion and commitment to this critical output and look forward to making this an integral part of new member onboarding.  

“We are very proud of the start we’ve made with this charter.  It provides an actionable and measurable framework that IAB Canada and those in the digital marketing industry can use to drive the improvements we want to see, as they relate to diversity and inclusion.  We should take a moment to celebrate the commitment that has been made and look forward to outcomes that will be driven by the work that will follow.” – Derek Bhopalsingh (He/Him), Vice President – Precision Marketing & Data Sciences, Wavemaker 

Making the move toward a diverse and inclusive digital advertising ecosystem in Canada, requires support and commitment to values, goals and principles. This serves as a great first step towards notable change. 

If you are an IAB Canada Member company and you would like to sign off on the Charter, please send your company logo to: committees@IABCanada.com.

To join IAB Canada’s Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, please email committees@IABCanada.com