IAB Canada Policy Update

Local Media Initiative

As announced in April, IAB Canada is in the process of developing a new local media database to serve as a whitelist that will provide local content with a fighting chance to compete within the programmatic marketplace. While most advertisers are steering clear of unpredictable content and are thereby painting all news with the same brush, this whitelist will provide the ability for brands to address the crux of their brand safety issues while continuing to support local content as a matter of protecting this vital source of information for Canadians. This database is a work in progress as we continue to collect data from our publisher membership.

The local ”news” database will be delivered as an “object” for DSPs in Canada, and internationally through the IAB Tech lab and any other relevant industry bodies. This will form the foundation on which to grow towards supporting broader content and create the technical infrastructure to help connect collective efforts towards the common goal.

In addition to the efforts of the IAB Canada community, other collaborative efforts are making headway some of which we support. It is our position to stand behind any initiative that drives digital media expenditure in Canada but stops short on prescribing “what” to buy.  IAB Canada’s role is largely around technical implementation of any choices media buyers and sellers make. The association historically has focused on enabling “products and platforms” and removing friction from the marketplace.


Through several conversations on privacy this past week, we are feeling confident that the PIPEDA reform is still on the top of Ottawa’s agenda and that we will see new legislation before the end of this year. In the meantime, we are working closely with IAB Europe and the Tech Lab, to customize a TCF string for PIPEDA in its current state.  This technical solution will then be rolled out in Canada and will eventually be modified to work with any new legislation that comes down from Ottawa.

We are also continuing to work with the DAAC to see how this may be utilized to enhance the AdChoices program.

Project Rearc

Over the past couple of weeks things have been moving forward, full steam ahead on our road towards cookie independence. This week’s Project Rearc Global task force meeting included 356 participants from 223 organizations worldwide all focused on rearchitecting digital advertising for the future state of the industry.  We are pleased to see some of our local members on these calls and encourage you to join if you are not doing so already. You don’t have to be a Tech Lab member and can sign up here.

As we have previously outlined, the objective of this global group is to engage global stakeholders across the industry to rearchitect digital marketing with alternatives to 3rd party cookies that support:

  • A robust open Web that fuels innovation in content and services
  • Consumer transparency, choice and control across all experiences
  • More explicit relationships between 1stparties and trusted 3rd parties
  • Open standards that support interoperability and efficiency
  • Improved industry accountability and trust

This is a very exciting project and it has been incredible to see so many, from every facet of the industry, rolling up their sleeves to come up with the best technical solution for everyone involved. Task force members from all groups, marketers, publishers, consumers, platforms and trade associations are being asked to contribute to a master document that outlines the situation at hand that will then feed into the assessment of any technical alternatives and inevitable solution designs. IAB Canada is currently working on a document to be shared with the task force that will outline our regional privacy and policy requirements. We have also shared our white paper on “Moving Toward Cookie Independence” and will continue to update as more details become available. Local IABs are doing similar work to ensure that the end solution is truly global. For example, IAB Europe also released their Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the ‘Post Third-Party Cookie Era’ which will also feed into the process.

This work coming out of the Rearc task force groups are for Tech Lab members only. If you are interested in becoming a Tech Lab North member, let us know as we have been able to secure a discounted rate for Canadian members and have already added four of our own to the roster.

If you have questions about any of our policy files or would like to become more involved in these critical industry discussions at IAB Canada please send us an email to policy@iabcanada.com