IAB Canada Presents “Data Month” – Deep Diving into the New Frontiers of Data

IAB Canada kicks off “Data Month” in November and leading up to it, there was no shortage of content to discuss. This month we co-hosted a well-attended and lively 5 à Web event in Montreal with the Quebec Council. Industry thought leaders did not waste time going deep into the trenches of a looming cookieless world (on the heels of ITP modifications), and how these types of changes might affect the fundamentals of the 21-year old digital advertising industry. There was some speculation on whether contextual advertising would make a come-back as the reborn media darling as advertisers look for brand safe, privacy compliant solutions to reach their audiences.

Though no definite bets were placed, one thing is clear – data processing’s close link to ever increasing regulatory scrutiny is forcing the industry to work towards standardized frameworks that will allow business to continue to operate in a balanced way. There was absolute recognition from those in attendance that we must all lean-in and collaborate, to develop solutions that work for all stakeholders.

The conversation carried on in Vancouver a few days later at the Digital@Dusk: New Frontiers in Digital Media event where speakers and panelists alike talked about the future of data and its implication on emerging platforms like CTV and DOOH. There was a lot of discussion around unlocking the power of data in a responsible way which starts with understanding the quality of the data and placing more stringent lenses on discerning tiered qualities.

We will continue the discussion in Toronto at our second Data Night, where we will explore the rapid changes in data access and regulations as well as the newest hot topic, “Zero Party” data. We will also look at the realities of international regulatory activity and how we must prepare for “adequacy” measures across borders.

It is not all doom and gloom – we are spending the month celebrating the power of data while understanding it is a force to be reckoned with. In November, we will end the year with our annual Business of Digital: Report on Data event in Toronto where we will have a look at some insights from home grown case studies as well as an update on the impending CCPA south of the border.

We look forward to stimulating conversations leading to a road map for future outputs based on all of our discussions this month and we hope to see you at the table.