IAB Canada Releases “Guide to Modernized Contextual Advertising”

As a second installment of the “Moving Towards Cookie Independence” series, the Guide to Modernized Contextual Advertising covers critical developments in the area of AI and machine learning that are contributing to the rebirth of the original media tactic. 

Rapid developments in the online advertising eco-system over the past several years, and the impending demise of the third-party cookie, have put a renewed spotlight on contextual advertising as a tried-and-true method to reach audiences online. Consumers expect privacy protections and regulators around the world demand higher standards. As a result, contextual advertising has (re)emerged as a viable privacy-first method to reach consumers with highly relevant messaging.  

Tightly connected to the global efforts around rearchitecting the online eco-system, contextual advertising represents one of the three viable approaches to addressable audiences in a cookieless world. Advertisers should act now to prepare first party data stores to connect seamlessly with the advanced opportunities this modernized method offers. 

This industry paper has been developed by IAB Canada as an integral part of the “Moving Towards Cookie Independence” series with the support of our Contextual Advertising working group. It is designed to explain how contextual advertising works, and how brands can use technical solutions to reach their audiences in this exciting, revitalized way as an essential part of the cookieless tool kit.