IAB Canada Thought Leadership Community

Focused and Revitalized for 2021 

Following a roller coaster year of uncertainty, IAB Canada continues to work with alternative models to deliver consistency and value to our members and the industry at large. Part of our efforts in 2021 are focused on driving efficiency through our thought leadership community while easing the burden of excessive commitments while we all continue to juggle working from home with family life. As such, we would like to share some exciting changes with you and welcome your participation in the exciting initiatives we have planned for the year. 

Delivering Critical Outputs to the Industry – IAB Canada Working Groups

We recently published our Working Group lineup for 2021. This group of topics addresses the most critical issues facing our industry and allows us to explore opportunities that will emerge in the coming year. The purpose of these groups will be to develop outputs and standards to deliver to the industry. Some are focused on policy while others tackle issues like contextual advertising and measurement. We strongly encourage participation in these groups if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and contribute to these specific subject matters.  

Our Focused Committees Evolved to Networks

Going forward, committees will become sector-specific communities. We will funnel topic related information to members of these communities often leveraging members to contribute their expertise to industry research, participate on panel discussions, and lean into our 2021 working groups.  

Open Communication Channels for our Members

If you are a member of any of our Councils & Committees, you will have received an invitation to join the IAB Canada Council & Committee Working Group on Slack. To date, we have seen great adoption and we feel that this provides a greater opportunity for our amazing network to connect directly from this community platform. We encourage you to use these channels to share ideas, related articles, or simply ask your peers for helpful solutions to problems you all may be similarly facing. We believe that this new resource will allow our communities access to instant communication with industry peers and hope you engage.  

A Big IAB Canada Welcome Back to Laura Ferron, Sr. Director, Councils and Committees

And last but not least, after welcoming the latest addition to her family, we are thrilled to have Laura back on our team. Laura will be returning next week unleashing her energy and enthusiasm as she helps guide our IAB Canada thought leadership community while contributing to our research and measurement efforts and outputs.   

We have great optimism for the year ahead and should you have any questions or if you would like to lean into one of our hands-on working groups, please send us an email to committees@iabcanada.com or better yet, reach out on Slack!