IAB Canada’s Views on Digital Advertising in the Age of Fake News

The issue of fake news is larger than the obvious effects it has on the advertising eco-system. Our democratic society depends on the public’s access to quality information from trusted sources. It is essential that we cultivate an environment where free speech in the form of user-generated content co-exists with high quality, fact-based journalism and that advertisers are in a position to control their brand exposure on both platforms.

Digital advertising and its innovation over the course of the past 20 years, continues lead in supporting media pluralism and creativity offered to Canadians and global citizens. Quite simply, digital advertising funds quality journalism. The recent proliferation of fake news stories has shaken advertisers’ trust in the supply chain and it has never been more important for our industry to protect itself from further skepticism.

There are many tools available for advertisers to help exercise brand safety. These tools will continue to become more sophisticated as the eco-system expands and evolves to allow for scaled user-generated content. IAB Canada’s priority will be to continue to support these developments while providing thorough training in the area of brand safety for digital media buying.

Following best practices around brand safety includes making ethical buying decisions and resecting the self-regulatory principles outlined by the ASC to ensure responsible exposure. In the meantime, IAB Canada will be supporting technical advancements designed to identify fake news and are contributing to these discussions through our councils and committees.