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Demand Generation Manager Full Time StrategyBox Remote (North America or Western Europe Timezones) Jul 21, 2020

Are you endlessly curious?

Are you as comfortable talking about ROAS percentages for retargeting ads as you are about your meditation practice?

Have you built a successful a demand generation machine for a B2B SaaS company?

We’re StrategyBox. A fast-growing, venture-backed platform that makes customer journey mapping simple using AI. We’re looking for an experienced Demand Generation Manager up for their next big challenge. This is your opportunity to enter a business at the ground floor with 300% month over month growth, tackling a big problem worth solving in a culture that will bring out your best.

We want you to design, and execute an end-to-end demand generation program that has executives at retail and SaaS companies sharing our content and flocking to our website.

*While StrategyBox has offices in Vancouver and London, the ideal applicant can be located in North America, UK or Western European Timezones*

About StrategyBox 

StrategyBox is a marketing analytics platform that puts marketing and customer data in one spot, so companies can understand how their customers buy, benchmark performance against competitors and calculate Influencer ROI. Then, what to do next to drive up sales.

We are well capitalized with a sustainable, scalable business model. Our Leadership Team’s ambition is a global business that runs like a Swiss watch and creates career defining experiences for its employees. So we can run far, and fast, together.

Why Work for Us

We’re an organization where ‘A Players’ do the best work of their careers. Think NASA in the late 60’s, Mid-90’s Chicago Bulls or Tom Ford-era Gucci.

We do this by giving you the field of play, the rules of the game and clear goals.

Regardless of your role in the organization, you bring your full Self to work every day to execute to your fullest potential.

Our promise to you:

  • You’ll understand how your work impacts the business we’re building.
  • You’ll do work that is fulfilling and fun with a group people genuinely interested in seeing you do well. No politics.
  • You’re treated like a responsible adult. Want to take time off? Cool. Just ensure your deliverables are met when you said they were going to be.

What we ask of you:

  • You Know What Lights You Up – you’ve found that thing – making order out of chaos or creating elegant code – that sparks your sense of ‘Whoa.This is fun.’
  • 100% Responsible – you are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions. You take ownership of how you respond to situations. Owning the outcomes of your actions and the results of your work.
  • Be Present – you have practices to keep you ‘in the moment,’ and a chattering mind at bay, so you can do your best work.
  • Integrity – any of your actions, messages or conversations could be reprinted on the NYTimes.com homepage and you would feel comfortable.
  • Have A Laugh – We don’t take ourselves too seriously here. We don’t live for the weekend. We’re achieving big things as a team and having a great time doing it.

The Role

  • Systematically testing what messaging works for an intended audience. Then building ‘lead magnets’ of content, webpages and ads that educated, nurtured and have qualified customers flocking to our site.
  • Crafting content, webpages and ads that educate, elucidate and get people talking. No ‘7 Tips for Effective Marketing Analytics’ here. We want you to tell engaging stories – from marketing attribution to ashtanga yoga – that help our customers live fuller lives.
  • Managing a paid ad spend for ad platforms, and touchpoints, across a customer’s journey to sale.
  • Creating the processes to make content generation, website optimization, and ad optimization seamless and fun for a growing team you’ll lead.
  • Drive results aligned with Business Development priorities and revenue targets.
  • Dogfooding: You’ll use our solutions to guide your work and will have a few stories to tell as a result.

You Have Experience With

  • Building a team from scratch. You’ve seen what works, and doesn’t, in other environments and want to build an environment of presence and taking big swings.
  • Working closely with Business Development to transform customer stories into engaging content, and traffic into leads.
  • Managing a paid Ad Spend where you consistently returned a ROAS of 500% across all stages of purchase.
  • Marketing Analytics and Attribution technology. You know the difference between a business intelligence suites like Klipfolio and ThoughtSpot. As well as the unique features of Datarama, DataBox, Neilsen, ComScore’s offerings.
  • SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization. You can demonstrate a fluency with up to date search engine optimization and website optimization techniques.
  • Managing scope, budget and relationships with agencies and vendors to accomplish our goals.

For the right candidate, we offer

  • A work culture that respects your time and energy
  • Competitive salary and profit sharing
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Extended Healthcare Benefits
  • Working from Home
  • Skilled and friendly coworkers with diverse interests

Interested in Applying? Here’s the Process

Prepare a cover letter that outlines what interests you about this position, any questions you have and points us to your Personal Website, Passion Project or GitHub.

Be sure to tell us which B2B Software company you feel has the best brand in 2020.

  1. Send that to jobs(at)strategybox (dot) com.
  2. If selected, you’ll go through three interviews:
  • Preliminary Interview
  • Technical Review
  • Culture Fit Interview

For some applicants we also will offer a short, paid project to ensure you like the work and what we’re up to.

We’re looking forward to meeting you! #ThisWayUp