IAB Canada is proud to offer the digital advertising industry a standard set of Terms & Conditions that can be used when booking a campaign.

Standard Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions were updated in May 2013. Download the new version here.

Standard Terms & Conditions ENG (PDF)

Standard Terms & Conditions FR (PDF)

Each year a task force of IAB Canada members assemble to review the current document and decide on whether further revisions are required. The latest Terms & Conditions release (2013) took over a year’s worth of meetings and negotiations to achieve a document that we can build upon further as the digital advertising industry matures. Some notable changes from the previous version are highlighted below:

  • By default, Media Company numbers are to be used for billing, if not indicated otherwise on the Insertion Order (IO)
  • Agencies must be the authorized agent for their clients in order to use these T+Cs; if principle, ask for payment up front
  • More protection for Publisher data
  • The ability for addendums to be added (it is highly recommended to not change any wording within these standard Terms & Conditions)
  • The continued inclusion of the Late Creative Policy; an important reminder for all companies

For those seeking further analysis, below are links to reference documentation to facilitate with your research. The first link below is a comparison of the 2008 version vs. the 2013 release, and the second link is a comparison between the IAB US and IAB Canada versions.

  2008 vs. 2013 Comparison Chart   IAB U.S. vs. IAB Canada Comparison Chart