IAB Tech Lab Releases Critical Identity Standards for the Supply Chain

Transparency continues to rule the day at IAB Tech Lab. As the industry readies for a world without third party identifiers a new critical framework has been released to lend a hand. Yesterday the Project Rearc Accountability Working Group at the IAB Tech Lab announced that they have added  id-sources.json  to their suite of supply chain transparency standards. As an extensive cast of identifiers are preparing to hit centre stage, this critical tool provides companies with a way to disclose which unique-to-user identity sources (“IDs”) they use allowing brands, agencies, and publishers who are integrated with identifiers from different providers to quickly recognize the supply paths in which they can activate addressable audiences. Id-sources.json allows for increased transparency around who is using what and also permits all sides of the transaction to more quickly understand how to activate ad campaigns dependent on ID connections.  Also providing a foundation for analysis of data sharing in the industry id-sources. json is critical for the Project Rearc Accountability Platform work that is still in progress and is just another key piece in solving the transparency puzzle. 

id-sources.json aims to:  

  • Provide a standard way for companies to declare which user identity sources they use 
  • Working like the other IAB Tech Lab supply chain transparency standard (e.g. sellers.json and buyers.json) it is a participant hosted, structured declaration that machines can read 
  • Ease ad campaign execution between advertisers, publishers, and their chosen technology providers by making it clear who supports what ​​ 

“This an important step towards paving the way for the imminent surge in IDs that will begin to enter the supply chain. Understanding which IDs are being used across the chain will allow for accountability and smooth campaign executions,” said Sonia Carreno, President of IAB Canada. “Standards are critical as we embark on the fragmented landscape we are confronted with in the face of cookie deprecation.” 

As new identifiers find their place in our ecosystem it is more imperative than ever that our industry operates with genuine a commitment to transparency and consumer privacy. At IAB Canada we are doing our part through our work with Project Rearc and the Global Privacy Platform, and we encourage you to do the same by reviewing and providing your feedback as a part of the public commentary period which is open until November 12th. We also encourage you to join the conversations we are having within our member community by reaching out to  committees@iabcanada.com