IAB Tech Lab’s Global Privacy Platform Ready for Adoption – Clearing the Way for TCF Canada 

After two years in development, yesterday the IAB Tech Lab announced that the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) has been finalized and is ready for industry adoption. This true industry initiative was born out of the collaboration the Global Privacy Working Group and Privacy & Rearc Commit Group whose members represent all stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem including many of our own IAB Canada members. 

The GPP forms part of a portfolio of solutions to help the industry solve for the privacy patchwork that has emerged across state and international borders. The GPP specifically, enables user consent signals to be communicated throughout the digital ad supply chain, and provides the protocol to help consolidate the management of different consent signals from multiple global privacy jurisdictions. The GPP currently supports the US Privacy and IAB Europe TCF consent strings and will support the TCF Canada due to launch next month. 

“This critical release from IAB Tech Lab paves the way for the TCF Canada consent string to be launched next month” said Sonia Carreno, President, IAB Canada. “Since the implementation of the GDPR, our team has been working closely with IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab’s Global Privacy working groups to put Canada on the radar as a priority market for modernization of privacy standards. The TCF Canada string is built to work within the GPP and will ensure privacy is made operational through a single platform. As privacy legislation evolves, we will have secured a scalable framework that creates adequacy across borders.” 

While all industry stakeholder groups will benefit from the reduced cost of maintaining privacy and data protection controls for users across multiple regions, consumers will also enjoy more transparency, choice, and control when it comes to their personal data. “IAB Canada has been immersed in this collaborative process from its onset and could not be happier to see this important solution hit the market at this crucial time.” said Jill Briggs, Head of Policy, IAB Canada.  

The GPP also supports the Global Privacy Control (GPC) and in the coming weeks, support for US state-specific privacy strings for California, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, and Connecticut, will also be made available. 

Read the full release here. If you would like more information on TCF Canada, please reach out to tcfcanada@iabcanada.com