Listening to the Power of Audio

 IAB Canada’s Audio Planner of 2022 Event Recap 

Last week our IAB Canada Audio Committee hosted “The Audio Planner of 2022”.  This event brought together a panel of passionate experts who answered burning questions around this ever growing and changing channel and how we can best use it to reach elusive consumers. 

Joining us was Ivan Pehar, Country Manager at Spotify Canada, Mike Viner, Director Digital Audio Advertising at Rogers Media and Murphy Vandemotter, Director of Data – North America at DAX along with our moderator Marc Brasset, VP of Digital Ops & Strategy at Western Media Group. The following are some key takeaways from the discussion:  

Audio is 1:1 and 1:Many 

Digital Audio is truly unique in its ability to reach a large mass audience quickly and efficiently. Also, with the exponential growth of streaming and the use of smart speakers in combination with geo, age, cohort and daypart information it also offers the opportunity to “speak” to consumers in the moment, personally and intimately within a 30-60 second timeframe – something no other current channel can do. 

Streaming Introduces Unearthed Media Time 

Streaming is distinctly different than traditional radio and today’s buyer needs to use all relevant data available to them to give their campaign the best possible chance to succeed. Using outside research and data to capitalize on these screenless moments allows a planner to reach their audience in a meaningful way at times when they never would have been able to in the past (while on a run or working out at the gym). This fully engaged audience is deeply ensconced in the moment making it critical to pay close attention to the messages being sent. The audio impression is a valuable one and focusing on reach and appropriate frequency is key when speaking to this unique user in a unique moment 

Use Traditional Tools and New Technology 

If you can imagine it in video and display it can be a reality in digital audio. But what today’s buyers need to do is to be aware and understand that the innovation that exists is the key to success. Traditional planning tools still have a role to play (like testing different creative and calls to action) but utilizing elements such as tagging and pixeling on the publisher site will allow for a comprehensive understanding of the audience creating benchmarks and success metrics bringing a campaign to the next level. Leveraging the opportunities that exist in contextual and behavioural targeting will also ensure that the message being sent closely compliments the individual you are trying to reach.  

It’s the Golden Age of Audio 

Audio is no longer a commuter channel. Time spent on digital audio has doubled during the pandemic driving unprecedented levels of content creation and with it, lots of ad inventory. Most broadcasters have capitalized on the trend by turning their content into an audio offering and some are fully empowering creators to help meet demand by providing them with tools to help drive distribution. Although we may see a supply crunch in the future (not unlike we did with video), premium content will rise to the top and with its unique non-reliance on the 3rd party cookie, digital audio is way ahead of the game heading into 2022 with other mediums playing catch-up. As one panelist said, “we have the world in our pocket”. 

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