Making Sense of the Privacy Patchwork – IAB’s Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis

IAB gathered over 150 legal experts from eleven jurisdictions around the globe to examine how jurisdiction-specific privacy laws apply to the digital advertising industry. This team of privacy rock stars from nations including Singapore, Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, and Canada have gathered over the past few months to unpack how the nuances in each of these laws create differing obligations for participants in digital ads transactions, and how a global privacy string could help address the challenge of demonstrating compliance. A summary of this analysis will be made available in the coming weeks and as we inch closer to launching the TCF Canada, this work is of particular interest and significance to the policy team at IAB Canada and our stakeholders as many of them operate globally and have complex compliance obligations. 

To share some of the work coming out of this collaboration, a series of webinars have been planned across local markets. Coming up on July 27th at 1pm EST we are thrilled to be hosting “Canada’s Privacy Legislation and Its Impact on Digital Advertising.” 

This webinar will highlight the results of our examination of Canadian privacy laws and more importantly, the practical impact of these laws on digital advertising participants and their transactions. Our panel of privacy experts will discuss how Canadian laws fit into the global context and how Canada strikes its own balance between transparency into how consumer information is processed for digital advertising and the consumers’ ability to be informed and make choices about that processing. We will also turn our focus to the set of technical standards being developed by the IAB Tech Lab to aid participants in digital ads transactions and communicate their compliance with differing local privacy requirements. And finally, we will discuss the role that the Canadian TCF can play as organizations work to comply with PIPEDA.

This session is free to attend, and we encourage you to join us and to invite anyone outside of our IAB Canada community.

The full agenda and registration link can be found here.