One of the Most Relevant Acronyms Takes Centre Stage – Enter the CMP

Consent management is officially the name of the game. Getting it, storing it, proving it and letting go of it is key to gaining consumer trust now, and for the foreseeable future.

Privacy concerns have never been more top of mind for consumers and businesses alike and now, with the introduction of the GDPR and the newly tabled CPPA in Canada, the need for enhanced transparency, accountability and increased control over individual consent to use personal data has never been more criticalThe OPC has long communicated the need to provide “meaningful” consent in a non-onerous way. The stakes become much higher as penalties are introduced and the need for greater accountability around consent grows. 

With all of this talk of “consent” along with a massive pivot towards businesses shoring up first party dataa new piece of tech has landed onto the scene – introducing the Consent Management Platform otherwise known as the CMP.  

This key element of the eco-system links consumer choice to the ad tech universe. CMPallow publishers and brands to communicate their privacy practices more openly while giving consumers enhanced control over what their privacy preferences might be.  

With the CMP market ramping up, and businesses that rely heavily on first party data stores looking to integrate one into their offering, it is essential to ask some key questions prior to selecting a partner.  

1) Does the CMP have the ability to conform to the highest industry standards, practices and taxonomy? Can it align with your own regions’ legal requirements around transparency and consent?  

2) Does it integrate properly with your internal plumbing and show enough flexibility to adapt and align with your brand? Does it have the teeth to work for the long haul? 

3) Is it easy to use and does it have the transparency that consumers and regulators are demanding from our industry? Gone are the days of making citizens work to understand their rights and choices and hiding behind an incomprehensible privacy policy. 

As IAB Canada continues to work towards the launch of the TCF in Canada, our privacy community has been spending more time understanding the key role that an approved CMP plays in this technical compliance framework and how the consumer choices made via the interface directly feed into the consent signal being put out into the ecosystem. Concurrently, we are spending a lot of time looking at proposed solutions for the replacement of cookies. In most cases, some sort of adaptation via a CMP will most likely be necessary. 

We have received many inquiries into recommended CMPs and in response, we are thrilled to announce the kick-off of a series of Product Profile webinars dedicated to the CMP.  

Join us on Tuesday, February 16th at 1pm EST when we bring youA Spotlight on Consent Management Platforms: featuring Quantcast. This will be the first in a series of memberonly events kicking off with Quantcast who will introduce us to their CMP and highlight how it can become an integral part of your privacy program and overall customer experience.  

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