The “gamer” stereotype typically conjures up images of a teenage boy, sitting in a basement alone or with friends on a console or PC, but does that reflect reality? In truth, a whopping 64% of ALL Canadians are considered gamers. Further, as live streaming, mobile gaming, and VR continue to grow in adoption that number, and the culture that surrounds it is poised to get even bigger.

Join us on February 13th for a practical, “take it back to your office and start planning now”, seminar where we explore all of the amazing opportunities in gaming.

This seminar is now complete, thank you to everyone who participated!

Weren’t able to attend? No problem! To download all of the presentations from the seminar and to watch the live recording, just visit the IAB Canada Knowledge Centre.

Topics Covered

  • Why game advertising works, who is doing it right and best practices
  • Mobile Gaming – How big is it in Canada, who is playing and what is the opportunity for marketers?
  • Console Gaming – How can advertisers get into this space and what targeting, ad formats, metrics are available?
  • Esports and Gaming Influencers

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