Pulse on Policy – The Privacy Edition

While off to a rocky start the debate around the fate of C-27 has seen some productive progress within the INDU Committee who are knee deep into the clause-by-clause examination of the Bill. Facing a mountain of amendments (for both CPPA and AIDA) things seem to be humming along quickly but whether it is enough to complete the process before the summer break is still up in the air.  

Recent sessions have focused on areas such as anonymization, the best interests of the child and the definition of a minor. We continue to monitor the conversation with a close eye on potential amendments that would have the greatest impact on our members such as the acceptance of industry standards and codes of practice (which would potentially cover Piccaso-nominated TCF Canada), the use of legitimate interests for implied consent and whether IP address is going to find itself falling under the definition of sensitive data.  

IAB Canada will be hosting a member-only overview of the hearings highlighting the implications for our industry at the end of June.  

Meanwhile south of the border the US privacy patchwork continues to grow with 16 enacted state laws and upwards of ten more states working to pass their own legislation. Confusing does not begin to describe the compliance obligations. Regional nuances coupled with a high potential for fines and class actions, the rules around processing the data of US citizens are no joke. To help provide some clarity, IAB Canada will be hosting EVP & General Counsel IAB and IAB Tech Lab, Michael Hahn for a discussion around the different state laws and enforcement regimes, the data flows in the digital advertising industry that raise state privacy law challenges as well as the industry wide contract (MSPA) that has been developed to help ease the pain. Reach out if you are interested in attending this virtual session which will be taking place on May 31st

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