Rearchitecting Digital Media with Project Rearc

IAB Canada released an important white paper in March entitled “Moving Towards Cookie Independence” as global efforts continue to develop viable solutions to a cookie-less eco-system. As reported earlier, in a response to impending changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers, IAB Tech Lab has launched Project Rearc – a global call-to-action for stakeholders across the digital supply chain to re-think and re-architect digital marketing to support core industry use cases, while balancing consumer privacy and personalization. IAB Tech Lab is an IAB technical consortium that has been cracking on standards and best practices to address everything from new ad formats and measurement integration to fraud prevention and data transparency as well as leading the charge on Project Rearc. If you would like background on Project Rearc we encourage you to view the Tech Lab’s recent webinar. There will also be new webinars making their way into May’s calendar addressing the impact of the loss of 3rd party identifiers on both buy and sell side.


The Tech Lab is currently orchestrating a collaborative process to educate member and non-member stakeholders, and to facilitate global input into the development of new technical standards and guidelines driving “privacy by default” addressable advertising and measurement. This week the Tech Lab working groups kicked off their discussions and we are excited about the scope that is being covered. The Addressability Group for example, aims to establish standards and scale in accountability around meaningful consent within a trusted supply chain whereas the Accountability Group will focus ensuring that a framework exists to ensure adherence to privacy specific standards across all markets.


 IAB Canada encourages member participation in these efforts and is forming a Canadian Project Rearc Working Group . This group will work to communicate the latest news coming out of the Tech Lab to IAB Canada members as well as to ensure the needs of the Canadian marketplace are considered and addressed in any policy or technical developments.


Additionally, IAB Canada has launched IAB Tech Lab “North” with negotiated preferred membership fees for IAB Canada members. This membership will provide Canadian members with full access to all committees and working groups at the Tech Lab directly and will contribute in parallel to our efforts here on the ground in Canada.


If you would like to join either the Project Rearc Working Group or Tech Lab “North” please register here . Or if you have any questions please send an email to