Report On: Cross-Media Measurement

What’s Next for MRC

We’re working on the finishing touches for the 2-day IAB Canada Business of Digital: Report on Data – Measurement and Accountability event taking place next week – November 24 & 25th. Given the rapidly changing cross-media measurement landscape, we are thrilled to have caught up with the Media Rating Council (MRC) to participate in one of our esteemed guest presentations.

A not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress, the MRC’s mission is to ensure that the media industry measurement services are valid and effective, which in turn provides the content and advertising sectors with reliable audience opportunity-to-see metrics. The MRC’s reach now spans market research in print, TV and radio, cable, and digital media across the globe!

Some of the MRC’s many ongoing activities and accomplishments include conducting an audit of Google YouTube’s 3rd Party integrated viewability measurement, issuing an update on the Begin to Render compliance status of each vendor accredited for Display served ad impressions, announcing an initiative to identify best practices for digital video measurement challenges presented by Server-Side Ad Insertion techniques, releasing updated guidelines for brand safety ad verification and more.

George Ivie, CEO and Executive Director of the US-based Media Rating Council will describe industry progress toward adoption of cross-media measurement standards and the development of pilot tests for cross-media measurement.

Ivie will also discuss MRC’s top priorities for the remainder of 2020 and for 2021, including:

  • development of outcome measurement standards
  • work around OTT/Advanced TV
  • new standards and audits for content-level Brand Safety
  • MRC’s recent update to invalid traffic filtration requirements

Other discussions at The Report on Data event will include a panel of experts who will be addressing the evolving meaning of transparency as well as an update from IAB Tech Lab as we move towards cookie independence with Project Rearc. The event is guaranteed to deliver fresh take-aways for all stakeholders in the digital media ecosystem and will provide an excellent perspective on the most current planning and activation challenges faced by the industry in Canada and globally.

To view the full event agenda and register click here.